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Join us in solving the housing crisis facing people with significant intellectual disabilities.

Why We Exist

5 million people have an Intellectual and/or Developmental Disability (I/DD). Seven out of ten live at home with Mom and Dad. Almost one million parent caregivers are over the age of 60.


Many adults with significant intellectual challenges do not want to live with their parents. They crave a social life and want to live with their friends.


Purpose Housing Communities provide residents with 24/7 support, meals, skills, care and the social life needed to live as independently as possible. The peace of mind provided parents and families is priceless. 


 Unfortunately, these communities start at $4,000 per month. State support including supplemental social security and disability income is often insufficient. So, most continue to stay at home until their parents pass.


My Home My Life envisions a day when our most vulnerable citizens can live safely and happily in the Purpose Housing Community of their choice, for life. 


Meet Sam

A beautiful 8 year old in a 20 year old body


LifeShip Grants

Most people are able to contribute about 25% of the monthly cost of living in a Purpose Housing Community, leaving a gap of $36,000 a year.

With your help, My Home My Life issues grants, both short and long-term for people with intellectual challenges so they can experience life in the private housing community of their choice.


Locate a Housing Community That Suits Your needs

My Home My Life partners with the Autism Housing Network to help people with I/DD find a home that works for them. There are currently 52 Purpose Housing Communities. New developments are being built every year.



We've assembled a passionate, professional team at My Home My Life. Our backgrounds include marketing, nonprofit management, digital technology, commercial real estate, media, and financial management.



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