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LifeShip Grants

Most people are able to contribute about 25% of the monthly cost of living in a Purpose Housing Community, leaving a gap of $36,000 a year.

With your help, My Home My Life will issue grants, both short and long-term for underserved people with I/DD so they can live and afford overnight camp in the Purpose Housing Community of their choice.


Locate a Purpose Housing Community That Suits You

My Home My Life partners with the Autism Housing Network to help people with I/DD find a home that works for them. There are currently 52 Purpose Housing Communities. New developments are being built every year.



My Home My Life was recognized as a 501 (C) (3) public charity in December 2018. Contributions are tax deductible.



We've assembled a passionate, professional team at My Home My Life. Our backgrounds include marketing, nonprofit management, digital technology, commercial real estate, media, and financial management.



The Answers You Need

Q: When will you start granting LifeShips?

My Home My Life is currently granting CampShips for overnight summer camp for summer 2019. LifeShips for long-term housing will be considered once our fund balance reaches $250,000.

Q: How will you determine eligibility for LifeShip grants?

In order to qualify for a CampShip Grant or a LifeShip Grant, you will need to be referred by a Purpose Based Housing Community (PHC). Once you have applied and been accepted by the PHC, they will refer you and request the LifeShip Grant on your behalf. My Home My Life grants are limited to those who are diagnosed with an Intellectual and Developmental Disability, meet the eligibility requirements of the Purpose Housing Community, and are not able to financially afford the entire cost on their own.

Q: Am I financially responsible for any of the housing costs?

My Home My Life funds and closes the financial gap which prevents adults with I/DD from living in or attending the overnight camp at the Purpose Housing Community of their choice. Most individuals are able to afford a portion of the costs through supplemental social security income or disability income and wages from work and other sources. However, a gap may remain. Access to Purpose Housing Communities is often denied when qualified applicants cannot demonstrate sufficient ability to cover the entire cost - that's where we step and help close the gap. 

Q: What bank does My Home My Life use for donations and financial transactions?

Banking services are provided courtesy of J.P. Morgan. 

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