• Scott Bennett

Overnight Camp is Priceless!

When Jenna learned she would be receiving a CampShip Grant courtesy of My Home My Life she said "I almost cried."

Jenna, who was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome at birth, will be attending Camp Marbridge, near Austin this summer. Camp Marbridge is a Purpose Based Housing Community that also runs a 5 night overnight camp throughout the summer for people with Intellectual and Developmental disabilities.

Overnight camp is an opportunity to socialize with friends, attend activities like a local baseball game in the community, ride horses, practice daily living skills and prepare for transition to living in a supported residential housing community like Marbridge. Parents enjoy a few nights to themselves, while both parent and camper learn what it feels like to live apart from one another.

My Home My Life would like to thank our donors who make it possible for underserved kids to attend overnight camp at residential communities all over the country. For more information and to donate please visit My Home My Life.

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