Purpose Housing Communities

Why they may be ideal for adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD)

What is a Purpose Housing Community?

Think of a village. Better yet, summer camp all year round. A place where people can live, share responsibilities, work, socialize and break bread together. A Purpose Housing Community (PHC) is designed around the daily living, housing, social, work and quality of life needs of adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD).


PHC's are privately run and independently operated. Most were purposefully started by parents. Parents who believe their adult children deserved a place they could call their own. Where they could lead an active social life that they might not find in a group home or institutional care.

Purpose Housing Communities come in different shapes and sizes. Some are located on rural farm lands. Others are in the suburbs or urban locations. Each offers residents a variety of activities which may include equestrian therapy, an arts and crafts room, a computer lab, a gym, even a green house. 

All PHC's have professionally trained and educated staff with a passion for helping special needs adults reach their full potential in a variety of on and off campus settings.


Take a Closer Look

There are more than 52 Purpose Housing Communities across the country. We recommend visiting one and seeing if it's right for your loved one. We've highlighted three Communities below - Marbridge in Texas; Annandale Village in Georgia, and Rainbow Acres in Arizona.


Just outside of Austin, TX

Annandale Village

30 miles South of Downtown Atlanta, GA

Rainbow Acres

Camp Verde, AZ about 80 miles north of Phoenix

Find more Purpose Housing Communities at the Autism Housing Network. Narrow your search to "Planned Communities."

Cost of Housing

The average monthly cost of the three featured Purpose Based Housing Communities is about $135 a day. That's $4,000 a month. Or more than $2.5 million over someone's lifetime! 


Most families can't afford that.


Federal and state financial support may offset some of the cost.  So may life insurance policies and other investments. My Home My Life was founded to close the financial gap. Making it possible for adults with I/DD to live in the Purpose Based Community of their choice, for life.

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